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Crispin Reed

Is safe outdoor space the privilege of the well-off?

July 28, 2020 Comment

Crispin Reed, director of strategy and new business at Hunter Design, highlights the importance of green space for everyone, not just those who can afford it

Amanda Fyfe

How housebuilders can improve support for older buyers

July 13, 2020 Comment

Amanda Fyfe, sales director at The Senior Move Partnership, explores the ethical and commercial benefits to providing older buyers with better support

Ben Roskrow

Attention turns to the market and the path ahead

July 8, 2020 Comment

Ben Roskrow looks at what's happening on site and the health of the housing market


New world, old challenges

July 8, 2020 Comment

HBF executive chairman Stewart Baseley says that while the new world is different, the old challenges for the industry are re-emerging

Richard Jones

Efficiency boost as site activity increases

July 8, 2020 Comment

Arcadis partner Richard Jones looks at what is happening on sites as housebuilders reopen operations

Holly Howe

Brand differentiation in a post-pandemic landscape

July 8, 2020 Comment

Holly Howe of Aylesworth Fleming says that in a post-pandemic landscape housebuilders need to have a deep understanding of their buyer’s decision making

Andrew Howard

Time to prioritise retirement living

July 8, 2020 Comment

BECG md Andrew Howard says that retirement communities have fared well in the pandemic – now is the time to prioritise their provision in the future

Ian A Proctor

How to communicate after Covid-19

July 8, 2020 Comment

Iain Fairnington, technical director at A Proctor Group, imagines the construction world post Covid-19

Andy Sharpe

The delivery challenge after coronavirus

July 3, 2020 Comment

Andy Sharpe, director, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland – Strategic Land, looks at how the industry can continue to hit housing targets and maintain quality

Matthew King

Build smarter

July 3, 2020 Comment

Matthew King, national sales director at Keylite Roof Windows, discusses how investing in building projects could work to benefit housebuilding